Privacy Policy of SEO Challengers

We Respect Your Privacy


SEO Challengers is committed to promoting fair information practices on the Internet, and is committed to protecting your privacy if you visit this site. The only personally identifiable information SEO Challengers requests from visitors is your email address, if you join the mailing list. Your email address will not be shared with anyone else. It is completely optional for you to share any other information with SEO Challengers and it will not be disclosed to any person or entity unless you give specific permission. SEO Challengers may share general information with partners and advertisers (example: how many visitors, what they seem to be interested in). This is never linked to any personal information that could identify individual visitors.



SEO Challengers takes every precaution to protect the information that our visitors share with us and keep it private. No one will be granted access to personally identifiable information unless it is needed to perform specific jobs.

Everyone at SEO Challengers is instructed about the importance of our visitors' trust, the value we place on privacy, and what they are expected to do to ensure our visitors' information is protected.

If you have questions or comments about privacy at SEO Challengers, contact us.