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SEO Challengers offers Pay per click (PPC) services to its USA, Canada, UK, Australian Clients. This Pay Per Click is more suitable for that business who wants to earn higher profit at short terms.  You can run your paid advertisement in search engine (Google, Yahoo, bing), Facebook, linkedin etc. In Pay per click, advertiser has to pay for each click.  PPC is considered as most efficient method to promote your online business in short period of time. Our PPC Services includes the following services.

PPC Management strategies of SEO Challengers can increase the f traffic by 90% and can also help you increase the revenue. SEO Challengers have a number of customized packages for our clients so that they can always most suitable services for the success of their business module. Our PPC Services includes the following services


# PPC Campaign Setup Phase:

- PPC accounts creation & Setup
- PPC campaign setup
- Keywords research
- Ad group creation
- Ad title optimization
- Quality ad copy creation,
- Keyword bid cost optimization
- Tracking CPC & CTR
- Managing keywords' individual bids
- Split or A/B testing
- Conversion Tracking and optimization
- Landing page optimization
- PPC report generation

# PPC Campaign Management Phase:

- Performing and non-performing keywords analysis
- Keyword bid analysis
- Ad copy testing and using best converting ad copy
- Click source study to make sure you receive genuine traffic
- Quality score analysis to reduce click cost and improve ad position
- Ad title analysis to make sure you have USER friendly title for better conversion
- A/B split testing to make sure you have the right landing page for better lead conversion
- Weekly report generation and analysis to check the scope/area of improvements in campaign
- High Impressions and placement of ads
- High genuine and relevant traffic/clicks
- High quality score
- Low Cost to click
- High CTR (Click through rate)
- High conversion and sale


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