Google Local Business Listing Services

Google Places is considered as one of the important factor for your business if you run your business within a region or locality. It can really accelerate your sale and revenue.


SEO Challengers can help you to rank your local listing in Google place. We have a expert team who is capable to get your local listing ranked on Google Place.


Top 10 Positive Google Places Ranking Factors

1. Physical Address within City.
2. Owner Verified Google Place Page.
3. Proper Category Associations.
4. Volume of Structured Citations.
5. Crawlable address on website that matches Google Place Page.
6. PageRank / Authority of Website Homepage / Highest Ranked Page.
7. Quality of Inbound Links to Website.
8. Crawlable Phone Number Matching Place Page Phone Number.
9. Local Area Code on Place Page.
10. City, State in Places Landing Page Title.


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